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Secret Code Talkers
In 1942, 29 men from the Navajo Nation were hired by the United States Marines. Their job was to develop a military code in their native language. Read more.

The Medals of Eternal Friendship
Japanese pole vaulters Shuhei Nishida and Sueo Oe competed in the 1936 Berlin Games. An American won the gold medal, but the Japanese teammates tied for second place. Read more.

How Corn Came to Be
A long time ago, two boys went hunting with bows and arrows. They saw a blackbird sitting in a tree. They were hungry, so they shot the bird with an arrow and made a fire to cook the bird. Read more.

Chinese New Year Traditions
Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. In China, it's a time when families take holidays and get together. Read more.

The Hairy Toe
Once there was an old man who lived in the woods. He went out to dig up some roots to cook for dinner and saw something odd sticking out of the leaves. Read more.

The Legend of Sedna
A long time ago there was a family with a very strong-willed daughter. Sedna, the daughter, refused to marry any of the men her parents brought to her. Read more.

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